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James E. Crowell   jec.jpg (5773 bytes)

Objective: Software Development assignments that can primarily be developed in my home
office. Essentially interested in Java or Microsoft Office VBA development.

Achievements More than 35 years Software Development experience.


Java, Visual Basic for Applcations [VBA], Fortran, dBASE [FoxPro 2.5], Pascal [some Delphi], C, C++, Ada, Various Assembler languages


PC’s, Motorola 68030, AN/UYK-20/44/7/43B, VAX, IBM 1401/7090/704


Windows 95/3.1x, DOS, Lantastic 5.0, Novell 3.11 NOS, UNIX, VMS

Work History 1992-Present

Professional Computer Solutions, Syracuse, NY   pcsslogo.gif (1806 bytes)

  • Owner, System Design, Software Development, Installer, Marketing.


General Electric Company - Syracuse, NY           gelogo.gif (3219 bytes)

  • Manager, Project Leader, Software Developer
  • NOTE : Includes 1957-58 US Navy Service, Honorable Discharge 1/8/59.
Training / Awards
  • GE Aerospace Manager Development Program
  • RCA Project Leadership Program
  • Recognition Award for Valued Employee
Education Bachelor of Arts, May, 1972
  • Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
  • Major: Mathematics.
References Available upon request.

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