Biography for Jim Crowell

Married to Carol Ann Walburger on 4/30/1960.

Four children [Steve, Diane, Mike, Cindy].

Six Grandsons [Chad, Brett, Tyler, Kyle, Andrew, Michael].

High School:
Graduated from Saint Anthony of Padua [Syracuse, NY] in 1955.

Went to ST Anthony's for grades 1-12...

Missed graduation ceremony due to Naval Reserve training onligation.

Graduated from Syracuse University, Math Major, in 1972.

NOTE: Went to University College at night after leaving the Navy in 1959.

Retired in 1993 from General Electric in Syracuse, NY. Worked various Computer Programming assignments over my 37 years with GE. Assignments were in the Radar / Sonar Military Software Units. Achieved 1st Level Management Position for my "Test Support Software" Project.

Started Professional Computer Solutions [PCS] in 1992. Initially built Local Area Networks, Programmed Data Base Management System Applications and performed Computer Maintenance for companies in Syracuse and Utica. Currently developing a Java "Form Centric" Application Development System and a Survivors List Stand Alone Java Application with Web Server backup features.


Active duty in U. S. Navy from Jan 1957 to Jan 1959. Served on the Landing Ship Medium [LSM] 297 / 540 based in Miami Florida. Was fortunate to have my brother [Dick Crowell] on the ship with me starting around June 1957. Ship was a supply ship for Navy Seabees stationed on the following British West Indies islands:
    Grand Turk
    San Salvador


Favorite Major League Baseball Team : Detroit Tigers.
Least Favorite Major League Baseball Team : Yankees.

Pet Adjective: salubrius.