The Saint Anthony's Years...

This page is designed to hold any Photo's that were taken during our years at Saint Anthony's

The following table contains links to the various photo's.
The photo's are listed in "Year" Order...

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50th Reunion Committee Commences their Work!
Year unknown? Can you find yourself? Let me {Jim C] know.
Guesses so far: Dick Sheeran,  John Murphy, Sue Harrington...

1944   First Communion - Girls
from Charlene Goodwin

1944   First Communion - Boys
from Charlene Goodwin

1945   First Communion - Girls
from Carol Ann O' Connor

1945   First Communion - Boys
from Carol Ann O' Connor

1946 Crowning of the Virgin Mary
Front l-r Mary Tainter, Jane Redmond, ?, Mary MargaretWalsh
Back Row l-r Charlene Goodwin, Margaret Noonan, ?, ?

1948 Frick & Frack!
Can you name these guys?

8th Grade Graduation

High School's favorite hang out...

1951 Spelling Bee...
Beverly Hurtibus and Rita Rhode

1953 JV Basketball Team
From Mary Ellen Pillion

1955 Track Team
from Mike Sessler

Glee Club w/ Prof. Fisselbrand
from Mary Ellen Pillion

Our Sophomore Year Class Photo
from Mary Ellen Pillion

Mystery Play
From Shelia French...

Mystery Play II
From Mike Sessler...

Christmas Pageant
From Charlie Schuffenecker...

1954 "The Birthday of a King"
Christmas Play from Carol Ann O'Connor

1955 Senior Day
Canandaigua Inn and Roseland Amusement Park
ClassDay Program

Candid Photos
From the camera of Gary Ernest...

Candid Photos
From the camera of Bill Farrell...

Candid Photos
From the camera of Shelia French...

Candid Photos
From the camera of Mary Lou Leibold...

Candid Photos
From the camera of  Pattie Mazur...

Candid Photos
From the camera of Mary Ellen Pillion...

Candid Photos
From the camera of Charlie Schuffenecker...

1954 Senior Ball - Sno Ball

1955 Class Officers...

1955  Junior Prom
Group Photo

1955  Junior Prom
Blessed Mother Crowning

1955 Junior Prom
Slide show presentation...

Ticket and Program

1955  Party
Bill Farrell, Jackie Canning, Mary Lou Leibold, Marie Keyes, Rita Rhode, Sue Harrington and Carol Ann O'Connor

1955  Friends
Sue Harrington, Carol Ann O'Connor, Marlene Rollinson

1955 Miss Jimmy

1955 High School Graduation

1955 Class Picture

1955 Newspaper Graduation Articles

1974 Saint Anthony of Padua Closing!

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