This page is designed to enable the viewer to see the latest section of the
"Throughout the STA Years" movie as it is being prepared for the Reunion Banquet.

Hopefully anyone viewing the current clip will critique the presentation and offer constructive suggestions to me [Jim Crowell].

You can EMail me by clicking here OR phone me at 315-492-3412.

Viewing Notes:

The file is being constructed on a Mac PowerBook. Therefore it is basically following what Apple calls the "QuickTime" format. Since most people are still using Windows Systems I have converted the film clip to the Windows AVI format also.

First you should double click on the appropriate link below to see if your computer is already setup to display the movie.

If yous computer is not setup for movie showing you have two options:

1) Download the Windows Version of the QuickTime Player and thereafter use the MAC link below even though you are on a Windows System.

2) Download and load the Windows Media Player and thereafter take the Windows Link to view the file clip.

In my humble opionion option 1) is best because the QuickTime Player uses a "Streaming" methodology that will have less wait time and will not load the movei clip on your computers hard drive.

Option 2 performs a complete download of the AVI file to your computers hard drive and then show the film. To my knowledge it makes no attempt to remove the AVI file after showing it.

The links are as follows:

    MAC / Apple Computer

    Windows Users NOTE:

    You'll need the free QuickTime plug-in to watch the movie in your browser.
    There are Windows XP and Windows   98 versions of the QuickTime Player at the following link:


    Windows Computer

   To process the Windows translation of the movie you will neeed the free Windows Media Player application.
   Click Here to advance to the Microsoft Download Center.
   On this page you will be asked to Select the version to be downloaded.
    From the drop down window select the newest version available for your Windows Version [i.e. XP, 98, etc.]

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