The following table list the Class of 55 Members who are deceased.

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                       Mary Ann Ciciarelli       maryannc.jpg
                       Kathryn Joan Clarke      maryannc.jpg
                         Carol Ann Dailey          CarolAnnD.jpg
                        Rose Marie Dowling     RoseMarieD.jpg
                           John Joseph Dupee     johnd.jpg
                       Judith Theresa Goldie     johnd.jpg
                       Theresa Ann Goodrich  theresag.jpg
                                     Jack Kelly               ankles.jpg
                                   Pete Kelly                   PeteKelly.jpg
                                       Tim Lane            dickn.jpg
                                   Dick Napierski    dickn.jpg

           Joe O' Connell        joeo.jpg

                                  Bob O' Connor        joeo.jpg
                                Marlene Rollinson   MarleneR.jpg

   Bob Schuffenecker    bobs.jpg

                                    Al Sauer           jays.jpg

               Jay Singer     jays.jpg

                            Mary Mac Tainter  maryt.jpg

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